Our Community Groups are small groups that meet in homes during the week. We take what we've learned at our Sunday Gatherings and apply it to our modern lives. It's also a wonderful opportunity to share life together and pray for each other.

Our community groups are on a break for the holidays until January 2022

Sunday Evening Group

Location: Jenkins Apartment Rec Room

Time: Sundays @ 5:30pm - Masks required

Bring your own face covering as we meet indoors. We'll spend time together connecting and discussing a section of Scripture. For door code and room contact DJ below.

Contact DJ for more information or questions.

Monday evening group

Location: On Zoom

Time: Mondays @ 8pm

We offer an online group for those unable to attend in person on Sundays or for whom Mondays work better. We'll spend time together connecting, discussing a section of Scripture, and celebrate communion. 

Zoom link is provided. Contact Steve for the link or more information or questions.