Anthology Church has the same orthodox beliefs that followers of Jesus have held for nearly 2000 years. We believe in the same ancient faith & historic creeds as many other Christians throughout the world. Below is a summary of those beliefs with links to our full statement of faith.


God is the creator of the universe, and has eternally existed as one God in three persons: the Father, the Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. He is perfectly good, loving, just, and merciful.

The Scriptures

The Old and the New Testament in the Bible are the infallable Word of God and without error in their original languages & manuscripts, and all of them are helpful for understanding who God is and how we are to live.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is 100% God and 100% man, was never created, lived a sinless life on Earth and died on the cross to forgive all those who trust in Him. He rose from the dead 3 days after his death.


Every person, man or woman, is made in God's image, meaning we all have great purpose. We were all created to do good, to love God and to love each other. Men & women are equal in value, worth, and dignity, and God has given us wonderfully different roles that complement each other. 


All people are fallen & corrupt, seeking our own selfish desires and building our worth & joy on things other than God (what the Bible calls sin). This makes us incapable of saving & changing ourselves.


People are forgiven of their sin, made new, and restored to who we were made to be by faith in Jesus & all he has done. This is given as a free gift, what Christians call grace.

The Church

The Church is a faith community of those who love and follow Jesus, as well as others, who are seeking to love God, love each other, and love their community in obeying Jesus in all he said.

For a full list of Anthology's beliefs see the Baptist Faith & Message

Many people, whether followers of Jesus or not, will have many questions about Christian faith and our beliefs. Please contact us if you have any questions about our beliefs or would like to discuss what it means to trust Jesus and become a follower of him. We understand what it is like to doubt, since we have many doubts ourselves! Don't hesitate to contact us no matter where you are on your spiritual journey.

Anthology Church of Studio City is a member of the Great Commission Baptists (SBC). We are a grateful partner church of the Send Network. We resonate in beliefs with networks like The Gospel Coalition, Porterbrook Network, and Acts29.

Songs we sing

At Anthology we believe music is one of the most powerful expressions of the human spirit, because God made us that way. Singing the truth to ourselves and one another is central to how we worship God together every Sunday.

There are many ways to worship God with music and many styles. At Anthology, we try to combine the modern with the ancient, the deep with the moving, showing both the relevance of the message of Jesus today as well as our 2000+ history as the people of God.

Below is the list of the songs we most often sing at Anthology and the artists that sing them, including iTunes links so you can enjoy them yourself. Email Pastor Steve if you have any questions or comments about our song list.




  • Click here to listen to a playlist of all of these song in Apple Music