Lent 2016

WHat lent is and how to observe it

From Pastor DJ:

Traditionally, Lent is the 40 days leading up to Easter, not including each Sunday during that time. The Sundays are meant to be "mini celebrations" and breaks from some type of fasting in anticipation of the great celebration of Easter.

Variou traditions observe Lent differently. Often it is accompanied with some form of fasting. At Anthology, we simply see it as a helpful time during the year to have a special focus on the reasons for Jesus's sacrifice. It gives us a special season to remember a new our need for a savior and the forgiveness his death and resurrection purchased us.

Feel free to fast from something if you choose. Some examples are fasting from a meal each day, or a type of food you regularly have, or a TV show you usually watch. The purpose is to use the time you usually take for that activity and use it to spend time focusing on our need for Christ and his sacrifice.


At Anthology we want to commend some wonderful resources to help you observe Lent. Below is an article that explains what Lent is, as well as a wonderful e-book to walk through Jesus's final week before the cross & resurrection. Included is a reading guide to do a short section for each of the 40 days of Lent.


Article: Why Bother with Lent?

  • A helpful explanation of why observing Lent is beneficial

E-Book: The Final Days of Jesus (Kindle, iBooks, Paperback)

  • Great short book that walks through the final week of Jesus's life

Free 40-day Reading Guide

  • Gives a day-by-day reading of the book & Scripture. About 15 min/day

As always if you have any questions just email us!


-Pastor DJ and the Leadership Team of Anthology Church